APplying to the Role of Designer at Farfetch
Ariana Velazquez
“I saw the job posting and everything clicked. I had a million ideas and immediately got to work.”
“In an article, Holli Rodgers mentioned the new identity marked a new era of expression, ambition and evolution. I wanted those values to come across as much in my application as they would on the job.”
Background: A glimpse into the process
Shot in my makeshift living room studio and surrounding neighborhoods
Built out the application as a full-fledged project
Lived and breathed Farfetch for four days straight
Addressing the role: Creating mocks
I designed a few display ads and a email newsletter that reflected the Farfetch identity
Additional Ideas
I was thinking about the most recent “A Perfect Match” campaign and how it efficiently and clearly highlights the relationship between buyers and sellers. After watching the jazz instrumental campaign videos where different pieces were being packaged to send out, I was thinking about how there could be a middle ground between the two storylines.

I would love to see videos highlighting the journey of creating a specific product. A product's journey begins far before it reaches a boutique and I think the artistry in that process tells a story that furthers the value and personality of a product. Because fashion is art and designers put so much care and attention into these luxe products, it would be a celebration of the designer and high fashion overall.
In the Farfetch app, it could be nice to allow users to swap left and right through the edits and style guide/story sections in addition to tapping. Currently swiping exits these sections which might be frustrating to users who don’t immediately see the bars at the top and associate it with the Instagram story tapping experience. An “X” button could then be added to resolve the removal of the swipe out feature.