Mind What Matters 


All graduating Graphic Design students were assigned to design a poster to advertise our final show. Ultimately, one student's design would be chosen to be used for all marketing of the show. 

I had the honor of being chosen to have my design used to market the 2018 Senior Art and Design Show. Needless to say this was a great way to leave my mark at George Mason University. 


The small illustrated objects throughout this book provide a playful and unified look when listing so many everyday items. I also wanted to provide a light and colorful look to maintain a welcoming feel to the book so the reader can focus on the content. Here are only a few of the examples of items illustrated throughout the book. 


Creating My Own Typeface

By using some pebbles and a makeshift studio at home, I was able to shape my own letters to create the titles of the book. I really enjoyed using natural materials to create my own typeface and being able to bring the natural lettering throughout the book that complimented the book title made from soil. 

Illustrations used in an infographic. 

I made a patterned look for inside back covers.

A compilation of some of the illustrations included in the work.

© 2018  Ariana Velazquez