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This weekend I called up my original photoshoot go-to's, told them to channel some pant-flaring, pattern-wearing 70's icons, and headed out to D.C. I've been shooting with these blessings since 2012 so no one even flinches at the idea of a themed public shoot. In high school, I would constantly plan photoshoots, style looks for everyone, and head out to take pictures for no other reason than temporarily living our best ANTM moments. This time, I headed out with the model veterans to take advantage of the last great moments of warm weather.

As we hopped out at Metro Center, we began our journey to Blagden Alley. This beautiful trendy spot is the location I specifically envisioned for the shoot for it's one specific mural that perfectly fit the 70's theme. This mural, by Lisa Marie Thalhammer served me vibrant retro looks that fulfilled all our funky backdrop dreams. Whether you're looking to feed your Instagram-driven needs or just looking for a beautiful piece of work, I highly recommend seeking out this positive and vibrant mural.

Here are some of the results from out first part of the journey:

After equal amounts of time taking turns in front of the mural, protecting our pile of belongings off-camera, and avoiding direct contact with the blazing sun, we decided to move on. This next location was not only air-conditioned, but also happens to be one of my favorite places in D.C. The National Gallery of Art is the perfect place to get lost in with or without a camera in hand. After taking a second to cool off and change outfits, we set out to get lost.

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