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2017 Women's March

It's a bit odd to think we're living in a time that will end up probably having it's own dedicated chapter in future history textbooks (or ebooks?). January 21st, 2017 was a very important day in history, and also one of the most inspiring and terrifying days of my life.

As I took the metro into D.C. I found myself surrounded immediately by ladies with pink hats on and big signs that took up too much space on the crowded metro. While my friends and I were squished together, it was nice to think we were pressed up against many other like-minded ladies ready to say something. Immediately you could feel that this event was something special, and the sights once we spilled out of our metro cart confirmed that.

No space went unoccupied as people flooded towards the march.

The feeling that ran through me as I captured the sight of all these crowds was the same feeling I felt as more and more women dressed in pink hats squeezed into the metro cart with every stop, supported and nervous. There is this type of general unease that I get at large-scale gatherings such as this one, like the time I was in Times Square on New Years Eve. Maybe it's the feeling like there are too many people in one place and something could happen, or maybe it's the collective emotion that overwhelms you. Either way, with Trump's inauguration having happened the day before, you can imagine what kind of nerves these were.

Despite these feelings, I continued to join the masses in standing for all issues of freedom, not just ones that pertained to me. Having never been to a protest before, I quickly understood what it felt like to be part of something much greater than myself.

While the road ahead is a scary one, change will only occur if everyone stands alone with the same strength as we did together on that day.

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