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Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors

When Kusama's famous Infinity Mirrors gallery made it's way to the Hirshorn, there was no way I was going to miss it. Kusama's work is not only vibrant and beautiful on it's own, but her backstory is one that fascinates me every time. Her traumatic early-life experiences and battle with mental illness led to work that has brought inspiration to many and continues to travel across the world.

Snagging some tickets to this insanely popular exhibit was no small feat. The tickets were only available through a first-come, first-served raffle that began at 12pm every Monday. Very conveniently, this was also the exact time my no-laptops-allowed Art History class began at. However, I figured this ironic act of rebellion would be worth a potential reprimand in front of the class. After a couple Mondays of nervous and frantic clicking, I finally made it to a page that told me something other than SOLD OUT. Just like that, two tickets at a very inconvenient but doable time slot were mine, and boy were they worth it.

The exhibit was crazier than I could have imagined. The mirrors are mesmerizing and I spent as long as I could in the places I was allowed to be. I was a bit disappointed but not surprised to find out that Kusama's iconic infinity rooms were limited to 30-second entries. This made perfect sense considering there were lines of 30+ outside of every room, but it was a bit funny to think about there being such a tight limit on something so...infinite.

Between snapping a few pictures, trying not to count down from 30, and standing in silence with a couple of strangers, I did my best to really absorb this level of artistry. Regardless of limitations, I was happy to just be there.

Here are a couple of pictures I managed to snap in my panicked/amazed state:

After doing our time in the Infinity Rooms, we made our way to the last part of the exhibit, the Obliteration Room. Since I arrived there

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