Recycling Poster Campaign


This poster duo focuses on spreading common recycling mistakes to educate viewers on the go. Each poster focuses on a new, non-recyclable item that is commonly and incorrectly recycled. I wanted to find a way to not only get this important information out in an interesting way, but also let people know why it's crucial that they fix their mistakes.

Inspired by the concept of my book, there are many minor adjustments people can make that can make a large impact on the way we are living. I used illustrations from the book to create these patterns, tying this campaign to my book. I plan on extending these PSA's to my social media accounts to get these small facts out to even more people efficiently through posts and stories. 

Social Media Campaign Extensions

Using instagram, I've been easing into providing quick recycling facts through posts and the "Instagram Story' feature. I am happy to see the outreach is pretty wide and have received several replies on both posts from followers who did not know about these facts. I will continue to post small facts like this and am excited to see how this evolves. 

© 2018  Ariana Velazquez