Senior Art and Design Show Posters


All graduating Graphic Design students were assigned to design a poster to advertise our final show. Ultimately, one student's design would be chosen to be used for all marketing of the show. 

I had the honor of being chosen to have my design used to market the 2018 Senior Art and Design Show. Needless to say this was a great way to leave my mark at George Mason University. 

Additional marketing for the show included the same poster design scaled down to 4x7 postcard flyers and a vinyl cut for the doors of the show itself. It was an incredible experience to see my design posted across the School of Art. 

When the book was displayed in the senior show, I had to design an accompanying poster to draw people in. My poster used the same earth lettering as the chapters and title. Since my book is focused on the idea that if you create waste you can also reduce it, I wanted to create a poster that reinforced that. 

This is an extra idea that I proposed for the show before ultimately choosing the illustrated version. This approach tied together all fields of art through an organized collage of all types of tools from both fine and digital arts. 

© 2018  Ariana Velazquez