Washington, DC


Ariana is a DC-based graphic designer, artist, photographer, and

enthusiast for all things creative.

Her love for colorful design comes from a wide-variety of cultural exposure growing up around the world. She believes her best work is rooted in a passion to simultaneously excite and inform.  Ariana is a firm believer in using non-design experiences to resolve problems within design.

She can be found browsing interior design websites, learning more about sustainability, illustrating, and taking pictures for her Instagram

Articles and Awards

​2018  |  "Sustainable Living – The Ultimate Life Hack" Lulu Press Blog

​2018  |  Winner Senior Art & Design Show poster competition

2017  |  "Ariana: An Artist Undefined." 6Robins Trailblazer Magazine

2014  |  Coveted "Most Artistic" 2014 Class Superlative

Other Interests

Dogs (all), early 2000's music (especially R&B), 

propagating house plants, patterned tiling, comfortable clothes I can't afford, resin art, skincare products.

© 2018  Ariana Velazquez