Digital debt collection agency Katabatwas coming into a new phase and needed a face to match. The challengewas to refresh Katabat's brand identity while still representing the symbolism of the Katabat name. The goalwas to inject a balance of strength and approachability into the Katabat brand to position it for the modern market. We gave them a look as strong as the story that powers them.
Liviu Avasiloiei Art Direction
Ariana Velazquez Concept, Design, Animation, Illustration
Old Color Pallete
New Color Palette
Brand Background
Katabat is a named inspired by Katabatic winds that in short, "create order out of chaos." Katabat was created to improve and streamline debt collection, so it prides itself on the values of dependability and structure. The Katabat wind theme also extends to the CEO's personal ties to Nantucket and New England, this is where the symbolic windsock in the logo plays a part. The brand itself already carries so much intention, so it was important for me to preserve that ethos, not design over it.
Katabat’s software is like universalizing our best tactics from our best agents to every situation, maximizing collections, security, and the customer experience, while minimizing costs, risk, and friction. It just works.
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Space Mono
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A New Pattern
Although the windsock represented the Katabatic winds, I knew there was a way to have that symbolism play a larger part while serving a role. I created a pattern for Katabat to use throughout the identity that can scale up or down. A contemporary geometric approach to gusts of wind show movement that can also be used to represent communication and data flow.
It's fascinating to see the ways design in business continues to evolve, and how fintechs are investing more in design to set them apart and keep up with large competitors. I look forward to working on more of these  projects in the future.
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