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I didn't want to wait to get the job to demonstrate my value and passion for Grey agency. In this application to the role of Junior Designer, I applied some of my creative abilities to redesign the Grey homepage and explained the process behind my changes.
This is only scratching the surface of what I am ready to offer and would love to speak further at any time. Please feel free to reach out or browse my full portfolio here.
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Old Home
With Grey's global impact and wide array of work, I found the current homepage wasn't fully telling that story. I made some layout and hierarchical adjustments to improve the user's experience.
Click on each number tab or scroll down to learn more about the revised areas or view the fully applied homepage at the New Home tab.
Nav Bar
Streamlined stroke weight across all icons for a cleaner look
Fully rounded out the rectangle around the language option to match the button style
Hero Project Title Structure
Reduced vertical space by placing location and client on the same line and distinguished them further with weight
Removed play button from within "View Work" button. The play button eluded to being connected with the automatic background video which was not the case, the button only took you to the individual project page.
Removed the filter icon from the category tabs for a cleaner look and remove any confusion of it being an interactive filter, which it is not
Work Section
The work section is one of the most important sections on an agency homepage. Given Grey's wide range of experience with world-renowned clients, I felt this section needed special attention to increase visibility and clarity.
Introduced a new grid style that provides an opportunity for featured stories along with more projects to show range
Increased amount of project rows when scrolling to better grasp user's attention and potential clickthroughs
Replaced the "Learn More" button with "View All Projects" to move the user to the individual "Work" page rather than continuing to load projects on the homepage.
Project Title Structure
There were a few inconsistencies with how project information was being displayed, which made it difficult to scan each project for relevant information.
Added client information above the project title in a smaller, lighter weight
Removed filter icon from project categories like the hero section's project information
Moved project information underneath project title and reduced the size
Category Section
Although a small element, the project categories were an area that required a lot of thought. While I only redesigned the homepage (for now), I would add a filter feature to the individual work page to give these tabs more purpose.
Removed filter icon to reduce visual clutter
Refined project categories. Clients could be filtered individually on the "work" page without being in this area and a "work" tab is redundant.
Quick About
This section, buried between the work and news sections, is the only piece of content speaking to the company on the homepage. I wanted to use some elements in a way to better introduce Grey upon landing.
This motion graphic would play and fade into the project hero section, seen at the top of this page.
Repurposed "effective since" line with contemporary motion graphic to emphasize the evolution of the company since it's founding
Created a statement upon landing to introduce brandidentity and set the tone before delving into the work
News Section
Created 4 column grid to distinguish this section from work and remove random emphasis of certain articles
Used a black background to further separate news section from projects and anchor it to the bottom of the page
Replaced "Load More News" button with "View All News" to move viewer to the individual page if they want to see more
News Article Titles
Removed filter categories from articles, filter feature could be added to individual news page if necessary to keep
Added date and ordered articles chronologically instead to clearly see latest activity
New Home Page
Overall, I was looking to find simple solutions that played to Gray's best qualities. I wanted to work on this proposed redesign with the same care and passion as I would every day as a Junior Designer.
For a further in-depth explanation of my choices and process, please reach out at the information below.
Thank you.